Selenium – LeanFT or UFT

selenium LeanFT or UFT

Selenium – LeanFT or UFT?

LeanFT, the new testing instrument from HP, gives an arrangement of apparatuses that makes testing in Selenium less demanding. Alongside LeanFT, HP gave a move up to UFT and HP BFT. The overhauls refer to UFT 12.5 and BFT 12.5. UFT 12.5 should have an indistinguishable permit from LeanFT.

Lean Functional Testing (LeanFT) expands the usefulness of Unified Functional Testing (UFT) and joins it with those of Selenium. LeanFT has not planned as a procedure to supplant UFT. They are two distinct items that utilizes for various issues. It focuses to address the issues looked by DevTesters, Test Automation Engineers and Subject Matter Experts. It has given a merger amongst Selenium and UFT, in this manner giving the client the best of both. While introducing LeanFT, an arrangement of API’s introduces which help composing tests in Visual Studio and Eclipse.

The new release UFT 12.5 has upgraded the elements of UFT. Principle upgrades of UFT are as follows:

It has upgraded the account capacity of Chrome and has made it less demanding to make cross program test contents. This empowers the use of one test content over all the significant programs – Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. It is additionally conceivable to determine the program to test against. A solitary report is produce that demonstrates all the test comes about over every one of the programs.

UFT12.5 can be incorporate better with HP Mobile Solution. The UFT SPY can be uses to feature on the versatile UIs.

The report highlight in UFT12.5 has a HTML base. This has made sharing data less demanding among colleagues.

It was troublesome for UFT to fit into the new work process of consistent conveyance and coordination. UFT 12.5 has made this conceivable. The main situation to move from UFT to LeanFT is take the benefit of the Object Oriented Programming Features. Free License can get for LeanFT with UFT12.5

LeanFT is a piece of UFT 12.5 and can introduce as a module.

Real advantages are as per the following:


  • Efficient Error Handling
  • Programming dialect of individual choice (Java/C#)
  • Use of Object Oriented Programming Concepts
  • Memory Management
  • Test mixes with unit test structures.
  • TDD/BDD system coordination
  • Better Integration with Jenkins



  • LeanFT does not test Web Services
  • Integration of Business Process Testing isn’t accessible.
  • Record and Playback can’t be use.

LeanFT is best for designers searching for robotization more than Unit Tests. For testing applications and for engineers working in Agile Method. UFT Developers would never coordinate BDD or TDD testing strategies. With the consideration of LeanFT, center programming dialects can use which additionally empower BDD or TDD mechanization testing.  LeanFT is valuable for broadening the conceivable outcomes with Selenium for windows based testing by including the LeadFT APIs to robotize the windows based testing activities. Utilizing LeanFT does not suggest that UFT capacities can overlook. At the point when LeanFT namespaces and bundles use then a few capacities utilized as a part of UFT will likewise should held.


It will not be right to state that LeanFT can supplant UFT as they address altogether different issues. Experiments in UFT  composes to fit into testing condition while LeanFT used for creating test contents that will fit into Agile and DevOps Environment. Clients can blend and match LeanFT and UFT 12.5 to best suit their prerequisites. We can state that both UFT and LeanFT supplement each other and can use as part of blend for better test scope.