Automation Testing with QTP/UFT                                                   QTP online training

  • Introduction to Automation
  • Manual Testing Vs Automation Testing?
  • Drawbacks of Manual Testing
  • Advantage and disadvantage of automation testing
  • Types of Testing can be done by automation Testing
  • What test cases can be converted into automation?
  • What test cases cannot convert into automation?
  • Things to be done before automation testing
  • Types of Automation Tools

Introduction of UFT & Basic Concepts

  • Introduction of UFT
  • License in UFT
  • Launching UFT in companies
  • Add In manager window
  • Automation Testing Process of UFT
  • Create and Execute Basic Scripts
    • Recording Tests
    • Running a Test
  • Understand Recording Levels
    • Standard Recording
    • Analog Recording
    • Low Level Recording
    • Insight Recording
  • Use the Object Spy
    • To view object properties
    • To view Test object Methods

Introduction Object Oriented Programming

  • What is oops
  • What is a class and method
  • How UFT programming is designed based on oops.
  • UFT test object classes
  • UFT test object methods

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Descriptive Programming

  • What is Descriptive Programming?
  • When to use Descriptive programming?
  • How to implement Descriptive programming?
  • Creating Basic Scenario with Descriptive Programming
  • Automating Test Scripts Using Descriptive Programming

Object Repository

  • What is Object Repository?
  • Importance of Object Repository
  • How Define Test objects one by one?
  • Ho w to add objects to Object Repository (manual way and by recording)
  • Object Repository operations (Add, Modify, Delete object and their properties)
  • Types of Object Repository
    • Local Repository
    • Shared Object Repository
  • Creating Local and Shared Object Repositories
  • Difference between Local and Shared Object Repositories

Object Identification

  • What is object Identification?
  • How object repository is depending on object identification?
  • What is Mandatory, Assistive properties?
  • What is Smart identification ?
  • Configuring Object Identification

Object Repository Manager

  • What is object Repository Manager?
  • How add objects?
  • How to create shared object repository?
  • How modify shared object repository?
  • How to convert shared repository to xml?
  • How to merge repositories?
  • How to compare two repositories?

Introduction of VB Script

  • About VBScript
  • Datatypes
  • variables
  • Operators
  • Arrays
  • Constant variables
  • Conditions
    • If
    • If-else
    • If –else –If
    • Nested If
    • Select Case
  • Looping Conditions
    • For – Next
    • Do – loop
    • While –loop
    • For Each loop
  • Built in methods
  • Procedures
    • Function Procedures
    • Sub Function Procedures
  • How to use with & Set statement
  • Working with regular expressions
    • What is regular expression?
    • Where we will use?
    • Regular expression syntax
    • Examples on regular expression
  • Working with files
    • Working with File System object
    • Working with Excel files
    • Working with word documents
    • Working with data base
    • Working with internet explore
    • Working with outlook express
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UFT Test Object Methods

  • GetRoproperty
  • GetTOProperty
  • SetTOProperty
  • Exist
  • Click
  • Set
  • Select
  • SetSecure
  • CaptureBitmap
  • Activate
  • WaitProperty
  • Sync
  • Doubleclick
  • Getitemscount
  • GetItem

Utility objects

  • What is utility object?
  • UFT Utility objects
  • Utility objects methods

Check points

  • What is a check point?
  • Operational Overview of checkpoint
  • Drawbacks of Checkpoint
  • Types of Check point
    • Standard Check point
    • Text Check point
    • Text Area Check point
    • Bitmap check point
    • Database check point
    • Accessibility check point
    • XML Check point from Application
    • XML Check point from Resource

Output values

  • What is a output values?
  • Operational Overview of output values
  • Types of output values
    • Standard output values
    • Text output values
    • Text Area output values
    • Database output values
    • XML output values from Application
    • XML output values from Resource


  • What is Synchronization?
  • Implementing Synchronization
    • By Wait function
    • By Synchronization point
    • By Change Default Run Time
    • By VB Scripting

UFT Other Menu Artifacts

  • Virtual object configuration
  • Transaction point
  • Step Generator

Introduction to Web Application Testing

  • Introduction about WebProject
  • Test case’s Identification for Automation
  • Web application Object Classes
  • Working with WebPage title
  • Working with EditBox
  • Working with Buttons,DropDwon,ListBox
  • Working with RadioGroup and radio button
  • Working with Alerts
  • Working with Confirmation messages
  • Working with WebTable
  • Working with Dynamic web pages


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Dynamic Descriptive Programming

  • What is Descriptive Programming?
  • When to use Descriptive programming
  • How to implement Descriptive programming
    • By using Description Object
    • By using Description Strings
  • Working with Child Objects
  • VB scripting with related to Child Object

How to use Regular Expression in UFT

  • What is Regular Expression?
  • When to use SetToProperty and Regular Expressions?
  • Implementing Regular Expression in Descriptive programming
  • Examples of Regular Expressions

Recovery Scenario Manager

  • What is Recovery Scenario Manager?
  • When to use and when to not use Recovery scenario manager?
  • Recovery Scenario Components
  • Creating and Implementing Recovery Scenario Manager
  • Error Handling
  • On Error Resume Next statement

Debugging the Scripts

  • Inserting Break Points
  • Debug Viewer Pane
  • Step Into
  • Step Over
  • Step Out
  • Debug From Step
  • Run to step

Batch Testing

  • What is Batch Testing?
  • Implementing Batch Testing

Automation Object Model In UFT

  • What is AOM?
  • Why and when do we used AOM
  • Launching UFT through VBScript
  • Developing Startup Scripts
  • Execute Test scripts Using AOM
  • Close UFT
  • Quit Object

Automation Framework

  • What is Automation Framework
  • Advantages of Automation Framework
  • Types of Automation Framework
    • Modular Driven Framework
    • Data Driven Framework
    • Keyword driven framework
    • Hybrid driven framework

Modular Driven Framework Using Actions

  • What is an action?
  • Create Tests with Multiple Actions
  • Type of actions
    • Non- reusable actions
    • Re-usable actions
    • External actions
  • Existing actions
  • Copying actions
  • Renaming actions

Modular driven framework using Functions

  • Creating function library
  • Function parameters
    • What is ByVal parameter?
    • What is ByRef Parameter?
  • Using Library files


  • What is parameterization?
  • Types of parameterization
    • Data Table Parameterization
    • Test/Action parameterization
    • Environment Variable parameterization
    • Random number parameterization

Data Table parameterization or DataDriven Framework

  • Introduction of Data Table
  • Types of Data Tables
  • How to retrieve the test data from data table?
  • How to insert test results into data table?
  • Data Table methods
  • VB Scripting by Data table

Test/ Action parameterization

  • What is action parameter
  • How to configure action parameters
  • Action parameters
    • Input parameters
    • Output parameters

Environment variable parameterization

  • What is Environment Variable?
  • Importance of Environment variable
  • Types of Environment variables
    • Built-In Environment variables
    • User defined Internal Environment variables
    • User defined External Environment variables
  • Accessing Built In Environment variables
  • Creating internal and external Environment Variables
  • Difference between external and internal Environment Variables
  • VB scripting with respect to Environment Variables

Random number parameterization

  • What is random number parameter?
  • How to create random number parameter?
  • Use random number parameter for drop downs & list box.

Keyword Driven Framework

  • What is Keyword Driven Framework?
  • Keyword Driven Framework Implementation
  • DataTable preparation
  • Keywords Identification
  • Create Object Repository
  • Create Libraries
  • Create Environment variables
  • Create Recovery Scenarios
  • Implement Driver Script
  • Implement Masters Script
  • Schedule Execution

Hybrid Driven Framework

  • What is Hybrid Driven Framework?
  • Hybrid Driven Framework Implementation                                                QTP online training

Real time Process

  • Introduction About Framework
  • What is feasibility study
  • Tool Selection criteria
  • What is POC
  • Hybrid frame work creation
  • Automate Test Cases
  • Name Conventions
  • Local Scope Variables
  • Global Scope Variables
  • Constants
  • Function / Actions
  • Reusable Actions
  • Scripts
  • Function / Libraries
  • Object Repository Files
  • Coding
  • Commenting Code
  • Formatting Code
  • Using Shared Object Repository
  • Using Relative paths
  • Using Global Variables


  • CV Preparation Tips
  • Interview Tips & Mock Interviews


QTP online training in ameerpet Hyderabad
QTP online training