Functional testing is the way toward testing pieces of Hardware or software to assess whether they meet the specific necessities that have been set for testing procedure. This type of testing does not include the internal code plan or logic. Usually, there is a need to experience first integration testing before functional testing is executed. Integration testing is done in order to detect if there are irregularities between units of software that have been incorporated together. These are known as the collections. Then again Functional testing is more particular as it looks to track the defects that are inside the framework and the inter assemblages. You can use a functional testing tool for this process so you will have the capacity to distinguish the imperfections all the more efficient and faster.

The automated testing tool for functional tests provides event generation automatically alongside the approval of the GUI components and improving the basic functions. These are simply of the simple highlights of the useful testing apparatuses. Presently, there are some who incline toward not to make use of such instruments so, on the off chance that you are very unverifiable concerning regardless of whether you will influence use of such program, you can take a gander at the advantages of these projects.

When you make an examination of the testing tool that you can use today, you will see that they are powerful and can really help the Testers in their jobs. Since manual testing can take more time from you, you and your team may be confused and feel pressure due to deadline. In this time you will just need to consider the time and not the genuine path of the product that you are creating. To enhance the nature of the programs or applications that you are making, you will need the help of the tools that you can purchase today.

One of the primary reasons with respect to why people hesitate in making such programs is because of the cost of the utilities. This is actually true since the devices for functional testing are something that can’t be considered as cheap. This is the reason you jump to automate, you should first look at the cost of application or the action that you are testing. If you think that high ROI is at least 70% possible, you should automate the process of testing.

When you searching of the functional testing that will enable you to test the usefulness of the product, you should choose the one that has scripting abilities, playback options is portable, approval and confirmation angles and has detailing capacities among others. Before you select the instrument, guarantee that you have picked the correct one of the activity. This is on the grounds that there are diverse sorts of practical testing and this could imply that there are utilities that are centered around maybe a couple writes alone. Discover a program that can help you GUI programming testing, execution testing, ease of use and load testing.

How to drive best ROI form Selenium Test Automation Frameworks


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How to drive best ROI form Selenium Test Automation Frameworks

The rising interest for shorter time to advertise and the resultant persistent conveyance way to deal with programming improvement has required test mechanization. The inquiry that now calls for banter about is the thing that instrument best suits the requirements of a business. What item or stage or system functions admirably with the application under test (AUT), and can be flawlessly incorporated into the product improvement and conveyance life cycle at the association? Which innovation requires least human asset administration, regarding both enlistment and preparing, yet can convey ideal outcomes? Selenium is among the leaders in this open debate, and appropriately so because of the followed reasons:Testing tools online training

Multi-program and multi-OS Support

Selenium is the most flexible test computerization device for web programs. It can work with all web programs including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari. No other apparatus gives such adaptability with regards to cross program testing .

Selenium is likewise good with numerous working frameworks. Linux, Windows and Unix. This makes it simple to convey and run test Automation crosswise over various frameworks and situations.

Open source

Selenium has an exceptionally dynamic gathering of givers, and this loans strength to this device. Audited, enhanced and investigated by peers, open source programming regularly fills in as the rearing ground for advancement. Among the essential factors that place Selenium over QTP or some other test computerization instrument is the value factor. The majority of the business test Automation apparatuses being used today are expensive when contrasted with Selenium as they incorporate permitting costs. Selenium can be utilized to meet the particular needs of an AUT, and can be custom-made best fit for an organization’s Automation needs.

Approaching an open source test mechanization instrument enables groups to manufacture trust in the innovation, and causes them choose whether or not they can use Selenium to meet their specific needs.

Language Agnostic

Building and utilizing Selenium test mechanization instruments does not require your group to drop everything and take in another programming dialect. C#, Java, Python, Ruby, Groovy, Perl, PHP, JavaScript, VB Script, and an extensive variety of different dialects can be utilized with Selenium.

Integration friendly Friendly

The Selenium framework is good with numerous tools that enables a range of function: Test case development, experiment advancement, continuous integration, Selenium is perfect with other programming and apparatuses, which permits building and arrangement of test computerization into DevOps work processes. You can alter your test Automation device to be a correct fit for your AUT and authoritative needs.

In spite of Selenium adaptability, availability and the convenience, utilizing it for test computerization calls for vital arranging and execution. To have the capacity to accomplish the objective of shorter time to showcase with high trust in the product created, Selenium can be utilized to its maximum capacity just when the test computerization group is driven by right approach and procedure.

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Agile Testing

Testing tool training in Hyderabad

Testing in Agile Model:

Agile model take the processes to extreme to ensure that customer requirements are met in correct time. In this model, customers partner with the project teams to go step by step in bringing the project to completion in  phase manner. The customer becomes part of the project team so as to clarify any doubts/questions. Agile methodology emphasizes the involvement of the entire team, and their interactions with each other, to produce workable software that can satisfy a given set of features. As a result of such interactions, all ideas interchanged. Software is released in small releases, with features being introduced in increments.As the changes are introduced incrementally; responding to the changes becomes very easy.Testing tool training in Hyderabad

Agile testing has a radical change in the testing arena where the team no longer works as a “group of testers”. Test engineers no longer need to send test documents and defect reports and wait for inputs from the other members in the project. When testers pair with developers, they may concentrate on the program’s functionality from technology perspective. when they pair with customers, they act like  subject matter expert on the product. Testers form a link between the customers and the developers to explain their different perspectives. Testers thus become the essential glue that brings together the customer perspectives of product requirements and developer perspectives of technology and implementation.Selenium training in Hyderabad.

A typical Agile project day starts with a meeting called the stand up meeting. At the start of each day, the team meets to decide on the plan of action for the day. During this meeting, the team brings up any clarifications or concerns. These are discussed and resolved. The entire team gets a consistent view of what each team member is working on. Testers present to the project team the progress of the project based on the test results. Other points of discussion could be missing requirements or overshooting of estimates due to an issue or time spent on various activities the previous day. The stand up meetings being daily meetings enable quick reactions to changes. Even though the roles of testers and developers are presented as though they are different, in Agile model there is no boundary between their roles. People cross boundaries and perform different roles in this model.

Test Automation in Agile Model:

  • While developers works on code fixes for the defect fixes, testers can focus on the tests that can automate so that they can run in the next iteration.
  • This would reduce the test execution effort significantly.
  • An appropriate automation tool and strategy that works for the user story has to be identified.

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5 Pillars of a Successful Automation Testing Implementation

Testing tools training in Hyderabad

5 Pillars of a Successful  Automation Testing Implementation

For associations hoping to convey quality at speed, running mechanized tests is a critical piece of the product advancement life cycle. Test Automation, in any case, must be fruitful if actualized . Exchanges on what makes up an “appropriate execution” of test computerization center around what device ought to use for the activity, or on the best (if there even is a wonder such as this) or most productive approach to use a particular apparatus for a given undertaking. The instrument that is use is a single piece of the total test Automation condition. Any fruitful test mechanization execution built from five unmistakable parts.Testing tool training in Hyderabad

1. The Test Automation Tool

While not by any means the only figure assuming a part fruitful test Automation usage, the device has an effect on the general result of your mechanization endeavors. Picking an instrument that is good with your application under test, or one that does not fit the range of abilities of your computerization group, will prompt not as much as ideal outcomes.Testing tools training in Hyderabad

2. Test Data

Another important factor of any genuine test computerization arrangement is the approach taken to overseeing test information. The more extensive the extent of the tests, the more essential, yet additionally the all the more requesting, test information administration moves toward becoming.

While in unit testing you can escape with deriding all information your tests rely upon, when you begin chipping away at mix or end-to-end tests, you will must particular information to be available in your application under test.

There are a few approaches to manage test information in these sorts of tests:

· Creating the require test information in the setup period of the test

· Querying the framework for existing test information before beginning the test

· Initializing the database of your application under test before the beginning of a trial

3. The Test Environment

Present day IT frameworks comprise of various interconnected segments, administrations, and applications that cooperate to convey business esteem. For testing purposes, be that as it may, this isn’t generally uplifting news: Having to oversee and depend on the accessibility of conditions, particularly those outside your hover of control, for your incorporation and end-to-end tests can cause a considerable measure of overhead, dissatisfaction, and deferrals in test time. In any case, solid and sensible test conditions are key when you need to make and use robotized tests as a major aspect of your testing approach.

4. Report

The report created because of a computerized trial ought to be a pivotal piece of any strong test mechanization approach. Make great test outcome reports disregard, yet it is a time-(and life-) sparing undertaking in any test computerization venture. Great report goes past show the quantities of tests runs, passes, and fall flat, despite the fact that having quite recently that is superior to nothing.Selenium training in Hyderabad

5. Craftsmanship

The last most imperative is the general population that are in charge of actualizing it. Without talented Automation experts, designers, architects, and engineers focusing on the various parts of test computerization said in this article, you’ll likely wind up no place soon.

Your test mechanization group in a perfect world ought to be both talented in the testing field, so they can answer why test computerization would be an appropriate arrangement in any case, and also what tests ought to robotize. And gifted in programming advancement, which means they know how to make a test Automation execution that is both intense and viable.

A decent test Automation arrangement needs to consider than the device that drives the tests.

Testing tools training in Hyderabad

Is Selenium testing the future of software testing?

Is Selenium Testing the future of software testing

Why Automation testing

Along with time the size and quality of programming advancement process is updating. In this situation, it is troublesome for manual analyzer to test an immense application with claim ability and experience. There must exist bugs in an application because of human blunders. To maintain distance from this run of the mill issue, the industry works on product to test their applications with more precision. This product is also called robotization testing apparatus. It causes the mechanization analyzers to show signs of improvement and proficient final result. It is great degree solid to test particular capacity of application over and again through a solitary experiment. That situation which brings about productive administration of assets. Mechanization testing devices like QTP and Selenium are in immense request in the business.

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Selenium – LeanFT or UFT

selenium LeanFT or UFT

Selenium – LeanFT or UFT?

LeanFT, the new testing instrument from HP, gives an arrangement of apparatuses that makes testing in Selenium less demanding. Alongside LeanFT, HP gave a move up to UFT and HP BFT. The overhauls refer to UFT 12.5 and BFT 12.5. UFT 12.5 should have an indistinguishable permit from LeanFT.

Lean Functional Testing (LeanFT) expands the usefulness of Unified Functional Testing (UFT) and joins it with those of Selenium. LeanFT has not planned as a procedure to supplant UFT. They are two distinct items that utilizes for various issues. It focuses to address the issues looked by DevTesters, Test Automation Engineers and Subject Matter Experts. It has given a merger amongst Selenium and UFT, in this manner giving the client the best of both. While introducing LeanFT, an arrangement of API’s introduces which help composing tests in Visual Studio and Eclipse.

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What Tool to Use for Test Automation

Test Automation

What Tool to Use for Test Automation

By 2020 Selenium Web Driver will turn into standard apparatus for computerized utilitarian tests. In any case, truth be told, Selenium is as of now thought to be a standard apparatus for web testing computerization. Along these lines, the sellers need to execute apparatuses like Selenium now and not in 3 years. . Among the pioneers are Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE), IBM, Tridents and Work soft, Oracle Test Plant, Smart Bear and others. In light of the Gartner report by 2020 half of organizations will use open-source instruments for programming testing on account of developing DevOps fragment? .The inclination of open-source change observes and mechanization is always developing.

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selenium IDE


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Seleinium IDE

Introduction to Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is the simplest tool in the Testing tools. Selenium is a Firefox add-on that creates tests very quickly through its records.  This feature is same as that of QTP. It is easy to learn and install, learn and to go ahead with the creation of test scripts. . Being a Firefox plug-in, Selenium IDE supports only Firefox, thus the created test scripts could execute only on Firefox. The Selenium tool Selenium stays on a record and playback fundamental and also allows editing of the recorded scripts.

Selenium IDE uses as a prototyping tool, not a permanent solution for developing and maintaining complex test suites. The main reason of using selenium IDE selenium is that the user is not required to show any particular programming knowledge.  We should know the minimum knowledge of HTML, DOMS and JavaScript to create numerous test scripts using this tool. Some of the difficult factors make this tool insufficient to use of complex test scripts. Thus, other tools like Selenium RC; Web Driver comes into the picture. So, before gripping on to the details of Selenium IDE selenium, let’s have a look at its installation first.

Some of the feautures of selenium IDE Selenium:


  • Menu Bar
  • Selenium IDE Options dialog box
  • Base URL Bar
  • Toolbar
  • Editor

What is Selenium IDE Selenium?

  • An open-source tool for building automated test suites of web pages
  • An extension to Firefox
  • Named for the antidote for Mercury poisoning (Mercury Interactive created Win Runner)

Recommended First Steps for

Learning Selenium:

  1. Learn how to create tests in Selenium IDE.
  2. Learn how to run Selenium IDE (SIDE) tests against different browsers/platforms using Selenium RC (Remote Control) server.
  3. Learn how to write Selenium tests in any one of the several supported languages using

Selenium RC drivers.

Executing the Test Suite

  • Selenium Core is a collection of JavaScript and HTML with Frames
  • Due to security concerns Core must be deployed within the same server as the application being hosted.
  • The simplest way to run Pixory is to just run the Java application and let it use its own server.
  • Problems using Core with Pixory
  • Selenium IDE is a plug-in for Firefox and thus can go around these restrictions

Running the Test Suite

  • We basically want to execute the test suite using the Selenium IDE plug-in TestRunner.html.


In this article we describe about the Selenium IDE introduction, Features and Learning Process.





Selenium was made by Jason Huggins in 2004. An architect at Thought Works, he was wearing down a web application that required general testing. Manual testing of their applications are getting the chance to be evidently inefficient in view of redundancies. To control the projects movement normally he influenced the java to content program. He named this program as the “JavaScriptTestRunner. The Selenium gadget is a free and open source test robotization contraption. It uses for testing electronic applications. Selenium is great with various projects and a couple of stages. The many programming lingos like Java, C#, Python. It used to form test substance while working with Selenium.

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Is Selenium a Real Threat to UFT?

selenium threat to UFT training in Hyderabad

Is Selenium a Real Threat to UFT?

Who created Selenium?

Jason Huggins made selenium in 2004. He deals with web application that requires continuous testing. Having understood that the redundant manual testing of their application was winding up increasingly wasteful, he made a JavaScript program that would naturally control the program’s activities. He named this program as the “JavaScript Test Runner.” To spare both time and cost numerous associations automatic their testing endeavors. Every association has a decision to choose an assortment of testing instruments from the market at the season of robotizing. Some of these assets are open source and others are secure. So highlights and usefulness of self-working apparatuses are diverse hence. Thus; it is utilizing by associations to pick appropriate assess assets like testing needs, spending plan, openness to capable sources, and test administration.selenium threat to UFT training in Hyderabad

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