Is Selenium testing the future of software testing?

Is Selenium Testing the future of software testing

Why Automation testing

Along with time the size and quality of programming advancement process is updating. In this situation, it is troublesome for manual analyzer to test an immense application with claim ability and experience. There must exist bugs in an application because of human blunders. To maintain distance from this run of the mill issue, the industry works on product to test their applications with more precision. This product is also called robotization testing apparatus. It causes the mechanization analyzers to show signs of improvement and proficient final result. It is great degree solid to test particular capacity of application over and again through a solitary experiment. That situation which brings about productive administration of assets. Mechanization testing devices like QTP and Selenium are in immense request in the business.

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Selenium – LeanFT or UFT

selenium LeanFT or UFT

Selenium – LeanFT or UFT?

LeanFT, the new testing instrument from HP, gives an arrangement of apparatuses that makes testing in Selenium less demanding. Alongside LeanFT, HP gave a move up to UFT and HP BFT. The overhauls refer to UFT 12.5 and BFT 12.5. UFT 12.5 should have an indistinguishable permit from LeanFT.

Lean Functional Testing (LeanFT) expands the usefulness of Unified Functional Testing (UFT) and joins it with those of Selenium. LeanFT has not planned as a procedure to supplant UFT. They are two distinct items that utilizes for various issues. It focuses to address the issues looked by DevTesters, Test Automation Engineers and Subject Matter Experts. It has given a merger amongst Selenium and UFT, in this manner giving the client the best of both. While introducing LeanFT, an arrangement of API’s introduces which help composing tests in Visual Studio and Eclipse.

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What Tool to Use for Test Automation

Test Automation

What Tool to Use for Test Automation

By 2020 Selenium Web Driver will turn into standard apparatus for computerized utilitarian tests. In any case, truth be told, Selenium is as of now thought to be a standard apparatus for web testing computerization. Along these lines, the sellers need to execute apparatuses like Selenium now and not in 3 years. . Among the pioneers are Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE), IBM, Tridents and Work soft, Oracle Test Plant, Smart Bear and others. In light of the Gartner report by 2020 half of organizations will use open-source instruments for programming testing on account of developing DevOps fragment? .The inclination of open-source change observes and mechanization is always developing.

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selenium IDE


Selinium Web Server Training institute

Seleinium IDE

Introduction to Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is the simplest tool in the Testing tools. Selenium is a Firefox add-on that creates tests very quickly through its records.  This feature is same as that of QTP. It is easy to learn and install, learn and to go ahead with the creation of test scripts. . Being a Firefox plug-in, Selenium IDE supports only Firefox, thus the created test scripts could execute only on Firefox. The Selenium tool Selenium stays on a record and playback fundamental and also allows editing of the recorded scripts.

Selenium IDE uses as a prototyping tool, not a permanent solution for developing and maintaining complex test suites. The main reason of using selenium IDE selenium is that the user is not required to show any particular programming knowledge.  We should know the minimum knowledge of HTML, DOMS and JavaScript to create numerous test scripts using this tool. Some of the difficult factors make this tool insufficient to use of complex test scripts. Thus, other tools like Selenium RC; Web Driver comes into the picture. So, before gripping on to the details of Selenium IDE selenium, let’s have a look at its installation first.

Some of the feautures of selenium IDE Selenium:


  • Menu Bar
  • Selenium IDE Options dialog box
  • Base URL Bar
  • Toolbar
  • Editor

What is Selenium IDE Selenium?

  • An open-source tool for building automated test suites of web pages
  • An extension to Firefox
  • Named for the antidote for Mercury poisoning (Mercury Interactive created Win Runner)

Recommended First Steps for

Learning Selenium:

  1. Learn how to create tests in Selenium IDE.
  2. Learn how to run Selenium IDE (SIDE) tests against different browsers/platforms using Selenium RC (Remote Control) server.
  3. Learn how to write Selenium tests in any one of the several supported languages using

Selenium RC drivers.

Executing the Test Suite

  • Selenium Core is a collection of JavaScript and HTML with Frames
  • Due to security concerns Core must be deployed within the same server as the application being hosted.
  • The simplest way to run Pixory is to just run the Java application and let it use its own server.
  • Problems using Core with Pixory
  • Selenium IDE is a plug-in for Firefox and thus can go around these restrictions

Running the Test Suite

  • We basically want to execute the test suite using the Selenium IDE plug-in TestRunner.html.


In this article we describe about the Selenium IDE introduction, Features and Learning Process.





Selenium was made by Jason Huggins in 2004. An architect at Thought Works, he was wearing down a web application that required general testing. Manual testing of their applications are getting the chance to be evidently inefficient in view of redundancies. To control the projects movement normally he influenced the java to content program. He named this program as the “JavaScriptTestRunner. The Selenium gadget is a free and open source test robotization contraption. It uses for testing electronic applications. Selenium is great with various projects and a couple of stages. The many programming lingos like Java, C#, Python. It used to form test substance while working with Selenium.

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Is Selenium a Real Threat to UFT?

selenium threat to UFT training in Hyderabad

Is Selenium a Real Threat to UFT?

Who created Selenium?

Jason Huggins made selenium in 2004. He deals with web application that requires continuous testing. Having understood that the redundant manual testing of their application was winding up increasingly wasteful, he made a JavaScript program that would naturally control the program’s activities. He named this program as the “JavaScript Test Runner.” To spare both time and cost numerous associations automatic their testing endeavors. Every association has a decision to choose an assortment of testing instruments from the market at the season of robotizing. Some of these assets are open source and others are secure. So highlights and usefulness of self-working apparatuses are diverse hence. Thus; it is utilizing by associations to pick appropriate assess assets like testing needs, spending plan, openness to capable sources, and test administration.selenium threat to UFT training in Hyderabad

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Reasons Why You Should Opt For Selenium Automated Testing

selenium automated testing training in Hyderabad

Reasons Why You Should Opt For Selenium Automated Testing

 The process of testing with the requirement when web site or web application develops. It takes much time unless uses additional tools. The organizations plan to test for automation tests to save costs present on manual test processes. For the project development process companies recruit open source automation tools for the low investment. The collection of open source testing tools obtains for various test types like the regression, functional, performance, user experience. Now best time to think about best automation tool that your website is well over all other devices. Selenium automation testing training in Hyderabad.

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Advantages of Selenium Live Project Training


selenium live project training in Ameerpet Hyderabad

Advantages of Selenium Live Project Training

Selenium is top most test computerization device worldwide to test electronic applications. So there is colossal interest for Selenium specialists. By and by considerable measure of complex applications produces to take care of the market demand. Execution of these applications turns out essential to guarantee great execution and maintainability of present applications. Testing turns into an essential piece of the improvement procedure itself. Thus, any application expects testing to ensure the application is idiot proof. There are many focal points of Selenium, which has made it the most loved test mechanization device on the planet. One of them is – Selenium is good with many programming dialects including Java, C#, Ruby, Python, PHP and so on. As such, information of programming dialects is not fundamental to work with Selenium live project training in Ameerpet Hyderabad.

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